How do I link my health information from Patient Fusion to other applications?

Learn how to use your Patient Fusion account to integrate your medical record with third-party applications that have connected to our public APIs.

In accordance with requirements applicable to ONC-Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT), Practice Fusion has developed a set of public "Application Access" APIs to facilitate authorized access to patient clinical information. Application developers who want to create interoperability between their application and the Practice Fusion EHR may do so by registering with Practice Fusion as a partner and subsequently utilizing the public APIs.

Supported applications

At this time, there are no applications utilizing our public APIs. This article will be updated as new third-party applications register and connect via the Practice Fusion Patient Data Sharing (PDS) API Community.

Authorizing a supported app to access your data

Patients who have created a Patient Fusion account and linked it to their patient record in the EHR can use their Patient Fusion login credentials to authenticate to third-party applications that have registered with Practice Fusion and connected to our public APIs.

Please check with the third-party application you intend to use to find out how to access the Patient Fusion login workflow from within that app. Once the login workflow has been launched (See Graphic 1 below), follow the steps below to authenticate and authorize access to your medical data.

Graphic 1: Authentication and authorization for third-party app


1. Carefully review the information on the left side of the screen (see Graphic 1 above) for an explanation of the scope of data you are authorizing the third party application to access.

2. Enter your Patient Fusion username/email and password just as you would to log in to your Patient Fusion account. Only click "Log In" for applications you trust to handle your patient records.

3. After successful authentication, you will be prompted to grant permissions as seen in Graphic 2, below. NOTE: “SuperApp” is an illustrative example of a third-party application. It is not a real application.

 Graphic 2: Third-party app authorization example


Data shared can be any of the following:

  • Patient Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Language
  • Care Team
  • Allergies
  • Assessment & Plan
  • Encounters
  • Functional Status
  • Goals
  • Health Concerns
  • Immunizations
  • Lab Results
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medications
  • Mental Status
  • Functional Status
  • Problems (Diagnoses)
  • Procedures
  • Reasons for Referral
  • Smoking Status
  • Vital Signs 

Revoking Access

Once you have authorized access to an application, you can revoke access at any time by visiting the Authorized Apps section of the Account Settings in your Patient Fusion account (see Graphic 3 below).

 Graphic 3: Revoking Access


For Health IT Developers

If you are a health IT software developer interested in utilizing Practice Fusion’s APIs for your solution, visit the Practice Fusion PDS Community to learn more.

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