What doctors are on Patient Fusion and how do I find a doctor?

Currently, a doctor will need to be a part of the Practice Fusion network in order to provide their patient access to the Health Center or appear in search results on www.patientfusion.com. Your doctor has full control over whether their Online Booking Page appears in Patient Fusion search results. Verified doctors have had their identity and medical credentials confirmed by Patient Fusion using the doctor’s medical license. This is indicated on their Online Booking Page with a Verified icon.

To find a doctor, visit www.patientfusion.com and select the type of doctor you need to see. 

You have the option to search by Specialty or doctor's name as well as Current Location or Address, city, state, or zip and what type of insurance they accept. Search results are ordered by proximity from the Current Location or Address, City, State or ZIP code you entered based on the doctor’s office address, so doctors closer to you will appear first.


Additionally, doctor search and appointment booking are available from any smartphone or tablet, and you can search by current location using your smartphone.

Once you've located their online booking page, you will be able to see their rating and reviews and request an appointment.

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