How can I generate an XML file or download my records to print?

How do I download or print my records?
To download or print your health records, log into your Health Center account and select Health Records from the left-hand side.

If you're looking to generate an XML file to send to a doctor using a Direct Address, you'll want to use the Transmit button, then click Generate XML records and wait until the file is complete. Then you can select the file under the Select Patient Summary section depicted below. Once you've selected the file, enter the Direct Address your doctor provided type your message and click the Transmit Patient Summary button.

If you are looking to download a copy of your records for printing or saving to your computer, use the Download link and choose PDF. This will save a file in your downloads folder of your browser, just as you would download any file from the internet. 

What information is available in the PDF?
The record contains your medical information such as diagnoses and medications, as well as visit summaries and relevant lab results. Not all medical information is available to download, including some lab results.

Why am I prompted to keep or discard the download?
PDF are file types which are most commonly used for text and image files. When you download a PDF, your internet browser is prompting you to verify the source of the file is trusted. If you receive a message that “This type of file can harm your computer” you should select Keep for Patient Fusion files.

If you do not have access to your medical records, ask your provider today. Learn more >>

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