Why am I receiving the error "Phone number does not match records" when registering my account?

If you're receiving the above error when verifying you identity during the registration process, this indicates that the phone number you've entered doesn't match the phone number in your doctor's records. We first recommend trying an alternate number (ie: home number if you've been entering a cell number).

Additionally, please check that your doctor's office has the correct phone number on file for you  If the phone number is incorrect, they will first need to update it within their system, as we do not have access to patient charts and doctor's records. Once they have change the phone number on file, your doctor will then need to reset your account, which will send you a new registration email with a link to Access your records. You can follow the registration instructions here.

Alternatively, you can also ask that your doctor provide you the PIN number associated with your invitation, as you can set up your account with your Date of Birth and PIN number OR your Date of Birth and Security Code that is sent to your phone. If the doctor's office did not provide you with your PIN initially, you will need to contact them to obtain your PIN.


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