Why am I unable to view information in my Health Center account?

Most of your health information, such as diagnoses, medications and immunizations is available in your account immediately when the provider signs off on the information he/she entered in to your chart. You might be encountering the following scenarios in your account:

1. Within a particular section, you might see "No __________ recorded?"

This message means that your doctor has not yet recorded that information in your patient portal. Please note, all information contained within Health Center accounts must be documented and intentionally shared by your doctor's office. Please contact your doctor directly if you're noticing a discrepancy in the information contained in your account.  

2. Alternatively, you might see a message stating "Ask your doctor to provide access to your health records?"

Health records access can be provided by your doctor's office. If you don't have online access to your health records yet, please contact your doctor’s office to get you started.

Once your doctor has granted you access to your health records, you will receive a new registration email to your valid email address entitled 'Your Health Records'. From there, you will be prompted to verify your identity using your birthdate and the pin number provided by the doctor. You can then link to an existing Patient Fusion account (the one which you are logged into above). This will allow you to continue logging in with your chosen Username and Password, but now you will be able to see your patient records that have been added by your doctor. Alternatively, you can select to create a new account.

Please see the official response on this article for more information on linking your account: Once my Doctor has enrolled me into Patient Fusion, what are the next steps to setting up my account?

3. If you've recently linked your record with an existing account you may need to select the appropriate record from the menu on the left-hand side. If your records have been linked with an existing account, you will see a drop-down arrow next to your name on the left. Click on the drop-down arrow to view additional records.

4. If you are not seeing particular lab results, then this is something that does need to be individually shared by your doctor. Below are a few helpful inks to clarify what you should expect in your Health Center Account.

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