How am I notified when a doctor responds to my message?

You will be notified via email that you’ve received a message from your doctor's office. The subject of the email is "You have a new message on Patient Fusion." Within the email is a link to log in and retrieve your message.

Note: This notification is currently only available for new messages. A notification will not be sent when your provider responds to an existing message thread. We are looking into changing this to send an email each time a message is sent to the patient.

If you are not able to locate your notification message, we recommend confirming the email address your doctor's office has on file for you, as the notification will be sent to that address.

Next, check your spam or junk folder, as the message may have been routed to that folder in your inbox.

Finally, if your email cannot be found in your spam folder, I would recommend ensuring "" has been added as a safe sender in your email account. For detailed information on completing this process, please see How can I locate a missing email?

For additional information about secure messaging, please see: How can I send a secure message to my doctor?

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