How do I select or change my security question?

Creating a Security Question
During your account registration process, you will be prompted to select a security question. You will be prompted to answer this security question if you ever need to reset your password. Please see below for the expected display when settings up security questions:

Desktop computer

Mobile phone

If you are unable to view these questions in full when registering your account, this can be related to the device or computer being used to sign up for your account. Please ensure that your browser window is fully expanded when registering your account. If you are experiencing difficulty on a mobile device, please try registering on a desktop or laptop computer.

Changing a Security Question
Once you have selected your security question and completed the registration process, there is not a way to change it within your account. If you do need to change this security question, please have your doctor reset your account. Once reset, you'll receive a new registration email to create your account. Please note you'll need to choose a unique username, which will need to be different than the one you used before to login. When setting up your account again, you will be able to select a different security question.

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