How can I send information to my other doctors from my Health Center account?

Patient summaries allow you to send your Patient Fusion health records to another doctor. To transmit a patient summary, you will need to get a Direct address from the doctor you want to transfer your records to. Direct addresses are used by doctors to receive secure patient information. Contact your doctor to get their Direct address.

What if my provider doesn’t have a direct address?

If your doctor does not have a Direct address or you do not know your doctor’s Direct address, you can also download or print your patient record and manually give it to your doctor.

How to transmit your patient summary using Direct
  1. Begin by clicking Transmit from your Health Records section.

  2. Click Generate XML records, then select the information you'd like to include. This will create a new patient summary.

  3. On the transmission screen, input the Direct address of the doctor you want to make the transfer to and write a brief note explaining why you are transmitting your records.

  4. Select the previously generated patient summary on the right.
  5. Click Transmit patient summary.
What is included in the transmission?
The transmission will be sent in an XML and PDF (human readable) version to the receiving doctor. The PDF version can be viewed by any doctor, while the XML version can also be inputted into the receiving doctor’s electronic medical record solution, if applicable.

Transmitting records using Direct helps the receiving doctor easily organize your past medical history for their records, giving them the latest information on your medications, diagnoses, lab results and more.

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