Can the same email address be used to grant access to multiple records (i.e. family members)?

The same email address can be used to grant access to multiple Health Center accounts. The doctor will need to enroll each person in a Health Center account, which will generate separate registration emails that will be used to set up each account.

Please note that depending on your email service, duplicate emails may appear grouped together in your inbox.

In the example from Gmail below, you'll notice that messages sent from the same email address with the same subject will appear as a single message.

Within the message, you would then want to click the second Patient Fusion box to view the second message.


Please note, upon creating your account, the username will default to your email address. If the first person enrolled using that email address used it as their username, all subsequent accounts will have need to use different usernames.

Alternatively, during your registration, you can now link any new records that a provider has given you access to with an already existing account. Moving forward, this will allow you to store your own records from multiple providers and, if you are authorized, your family’s (or dependent’s) records in a single account. Any records you are authorized to access can then be managed in one spot. If you are interested in registering accounts for members of a single family, please see our topic here.

Accounts and Settings

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