How do I book an appointment?

1. To book an appointment, visit and choose the type of doctor you need to see. You may search by Specialty, doctor, location and accepted insurance. Clicking Search will allow you  to view a list of doctors based on your selected criteria.

2. When you have located a doctor that you wish to make an appointment with, choose the desired time slot from the doctor’s profile by clicking on the time (e.g. ‘10:30 a.m.’), then enter the required information.

3. You may also request an appointment from your Patient Fusion account. To do this, log in to your account and select Appointments from the left hand sidebar. You will navigate to a window that shows your upcoming appointments, if any. Click Book appointment in the top-right corner.

4. The window will display the available doctors at your practice. Select their name and click Continue.

5. Select an appointment time and enter additional appointment details. You may also navigate between weeks by clicking the arrows in the upper right-hand corner.

6. Confirm your appointment details and click Request appointment.

7. Finally, the doctor’s office will receive your request and will notify you via email if your request has been confirmed or denied. You will also receive a notification within your Patient Fusion account if you requested an appointment from within your account. Please double-check the time when you receive the confirmation email, as the doctor may have rescheduled your visit time. If you do not receive an email, contact your doctor’s office directly.

8. If you would like to reschedule or cancel your appointment online see:  

How do I request to reschedule my appointment?

How do I request to cancel my appointment?

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