How can I access my records?

If you don't have online access to your health records yet, Patient Fusion can provide you the latest updates on your health-- and a quick call to your doctor’s office can get you started.

Patient Fusion provides a record of all health information added by your doctor, updated in real-time, so you don’t have to remember your whole health history every time you visit a doctor.

Retrieving and transmitting your records is easy with Patient Fusion:
  • Retrieve your lab tests and results
  • See your diagnoses, medications, immunizations, social history, and allergies at a glance
  • Review procedures from your doctor and your doctor’s follow-up care plan
  • Download your records in a PDF format to share with another doctor
In addition to keeping you informed after your doctor’s visit, Patient Fusion also includes everything you need before the visit.
  • See vitals from previous visits and all upcoming appointment times
  • Book new appointments with your doctor or request to reschedule and cancel upcoming appointments
  • Ask a health question before coming into the office with secure instant messaging with your doctor (must be activated by your doctor)
  • Using our Online Check-In service, save time by completing your intake form prior to arriving at your doctor’s office.
Call your doctor’s office and ask them about getting online access to your health records or find a new Patient Fusion doctor today.

Accounts and Settings

  1. Why do I need to reset my Patient Fusion password?
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  5. I do not have access to my email address to reset my password or retrieve my username
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  14. I missed my security code when verifying my identity. How do I request a new code?
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  27. How do I register my Patient Fusion account?
  28. How can I access my records?

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