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  1. About Patient Fusion

  2. Appointment time shown is one hour later than real appointment

  3. Can I request a prescription or medication refill through my Health Center account?

  4. Can I review my x-ray and imaging reports?

  5. Can the same email address be used to grant access to multiple records (i.e. family members)?

  6. Do I need a patient portal account in order to receive appointment reminders?

  7. Does Patient Fusion cost anything?

  8. How am I notified when a doctor responds to my message?

  9. How are my health records in my Health Center kept secure?

  10. How can I access my records?

  11. How can I get a list of my current medications?

  12. How can I locate a missing registration email?

  13. How can I register my account without a PIN?

  14. How can I reset my account?

  15. How can I resolve the error "Username has already been taken?"

  16. How can I send a secure message to my doctor?

  17. How can I send information to my other doctors from my Health Center account?

  18. How can I view multiple records that I've linked into one account?

  19. How do I book an appointment for my child or someone under 18?

  20. How do I book an appointment?

  21. How do I cancel my appointment?

  22. How do I change my username?

  23. How do I clear the browser's cache?

  24. How do I create a unique email address for logging into Patient Fusion?

  25. How do I deactivate my patient portal account?

  26. How do I edit my contact information?

  27. How do I get a username or password? I never received it

  28. How do I get assistance with my Patient Fusion account?

  29. How do I know if my appointment request was approved or denied?

  30. How do I learn more about the information listed in my account?

  31. How do I link my health information from Patient Fusion to other applications?

  32. How do I link my records and family records in one account?

  33. How do I log out of my patient portal account?

  34. How do I opt out of all aspects of Patient Fusion?

  35. How do I opt out of SMS messaging?

  36. How do I register my Patient Fusion account?

  37. How do I remove a doctor from the 'Provider' list in my Health Center account?

  38. How do I reschedule my appointment?

  39. How do I reset my password?

  40. How do I select or change my security question?

  41. How do I set up an account for my child?

  42. How do I sign up for a Patient Fusion account?

  43. How do I use the patient portal?

  44. How do I view my lab results?

  45. How do I view my vitals?

  46. How does a patient and/or patient-authorized representative view, download and transmit patient health data from Patient Fusion?

  47. How I do enter an insurance when completing Online Check-In?

  48. How to view my activity? What is the activity log?

  49. I accidentally created a new account instead of linking to an existing account. How can I now link the accounts?

  50. I do not currently have access to the phone number on file for me. How do I register my account?

  51. I do not have access to my email address to reset my password or retrieve my username

  52. I forgot my username, how do I retrieve it?

  53. I missed my security code when verifying my identity. How do I request a new code?

  54. I need help with Patient Fusion, I don’t understand how it works.

  55. I receive the error "you are no longer signed into messaging, refresh and try to reconnect now" when trying to send a message

  56. I'm having trouble logging in

  57. I've moved and have a different phone number. How can I access my records?

  58. Information within my account is incorrect. How can I correct it?

  59. Invalid PIN or Security Code Error Message

  60. Is there a way to set my notification preferences from Patient Fusion?

  61. Is there an iPhone app for Patient Fusion?

  62. Known Issue: Messages are not listed in chronological order

  63. Menu bar on left side of screen is not visible

  64. My password does not meet security requirements

  65. Once my Doctor has enrolled me into Patient Fusion, what are the next steps to setting up my account?

  66. Potential Login Error Messages

  67. The link within my registration email is returning a 404 error

  68. What are the System Requirements for Patient Fusion?

  69. What do I do if the doctor doesn't have any available appointments?

  70. What do specialties indicate in a doctor search?

  71. What doctors are on Patient Fusion and how do I find a doctor?

  72. What does 'Sorry, but the doctor's information you requested could not be found' indicate?

  73. What does the error message "The reset token you have provided is not valid" mean?

  74. What email notifications will I receive regarding updates in my account?

  75. What happens if I deleted the registration email?

  76. What if clicking "Access your records" doesn't redirect to the registration page?

  77. What if I didn't receive my appointment reminder?

  78. What if I don't see my lab results?

  79. What is available in my Patient Fusion account?

  80. What is Online Check-In?

  81. What is Practice Fusion?

  82. What should I do if my doctor is unable to update my Health Center account?

  83. Where can I change the Pharmacy assigned to my account?

  84. Where does this health information come from and how do I edit it?

  85. Why am I not able to reach my doctor based on the phone number I received from Patient Fusion?

  86. Why am I receiving an error that my date of birth (DOB) is incorrect?

  87. Why am I receiving the error "Internet Explorer cannot display this page" when registering my account?

  88. Why am I receiving the error "Phone number does not match records" when registering my account?

  89. Why am I receiving the error "Sorry, it looks like our system is temporarily unavailable"?

  90. Why am I unable to view information in my Health Center account?

  91. Why do I need to reset my Patient Fusion password?

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