Patient Portal Features

  1. How do I link my health information from Patient Fusion to other applications?

  2. Information within my account is incorrect. How can I correct it?

  3. What if I don't see my lab results?

  4. How does a patient and/or patient-authorized representative view, download and transmit patient health data from Patient Fusion?

  5. What is Online Check-In?

  6. What doctors are on Patient Fusion and how do I find a doctor?

  7. What is Practice Fusion?

  8. How do I view my lab results?

  9. What is available in my Patient Fusion account?

  10. How do I select or change my security question?

  11. What email notifications will I receive regarding updates in my account?

  12. Do I need a patient portal account in order to receive appointment reminders?

  13. How do I use the patient portal?

  14. Is there an iPhone app for Patient Fusion?

  15. Why am I unable to view information in my Health Center account?

  16. How can I get a list of my current medications?

  17. How to view my activity? What is the activity log?

  18. How can I send information to my other doctors from my Health Center account?

  19. Does Patient Fusion cost anything?

  20. Where can I change the Pharmacy assigned to my account?

  21. How do I learn more about the information listed in my account?

  22. What do I do if the doctor doesn't have any available appointments?

  23. Can I review my x-ray and imaging reports?

  24. How do I know if my appointment request was approved or denied?

  25. What do specialties indicate in a doctor search?

  26. How do I book an appointment for my child or someone under 18?

  27. How do I book an appointment?

  28. How I do enter an insurance when completing Online Check-In?

  29. How do I remove a doctor from the 'Provider' list in my Health Center account?

  30. Can I request a prescription or medication refill through my Health Center account?

  31. How do I view my vitals?

  32. How do I opt out of SMS messaging?

  33. About Patient Fusion

  34. How do I cancel my appointment?

  35. How do I reschedule my appointment?

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